Inspired by the film, The Usual Suspects, the performers for this season of Fox’s The Masked Singer line up in front of judges, including Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Nicole Scherzinger.

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“Give us your best singing post,” says Scherzinger, while Jeong, not very subtly, tries to get them to reveal themselves early but host Nick Cannon is having none of it.

This year’s cast of characters so far includes Axolotl, California Roll, Dandelion, Doll, Fairy, French Hen, Gargoyle, Gnome, Jackalope, Medusa, Moose and Mustang with more to be determined.

The spot, produced by Los Angeles-based Black Label Content, is airing during Super Bowl LVII on Fox this Sunday, February 12. Season nine of The Masked Singer premieres Wednesday, February 15 on Fox.


Client: Fox

President, Marketing: Darren Shillace

EVP, Creative Advertising: Scott Edwards

EVP, Creative Music: Mamie Coleman

SVP, Creative Advertising: Brian Gawronski

SVP, Visual Innovation Studio: Ian MacRitchie

SVP, Operations: Christy Cofer

VP, On-Air Promo: Brandi Wismann

VP, Broadcast Design: Jesse Hallas

VP, Creative Music: Katy Gavillet

Director, Creative Advertising: Craig Stinson

Director, Creative Music: Ryan Kofman

Design Director: Albert Romero

Editor: Eric Ferguson

Compositors: Michael Wynne, Daniel Robichaud

Studio: Black Label Content

Director: Shane Ryan Valdéz

Production Design: Marcelle Gravél

Producer: Norm Reiss

Production Management: Samantha Gershberg-Clements

Founder/Executive Producer: Joseph Uliano

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