For this series of five idents for global news channel Al Jazeera English, London-based The Mill Design Studio selected five brand values that it felt the channel exemplifies: Resilient, raw, revolutionary, fearless and diverse.

From there, the studio determined that the best way to represent these brand values was to draw from the natural world.

Although the spots look like they are created from high-definition photography, they are actually almost all entirely crafted of CGI, using a mix of Houdini and Cinema 4D along with Quixel Megascans. The fifth uses carefully manipulated stock footage and a CG wave at its climax.

All design, animation, editing, compositing and color was handled at The Mill’s London studio.

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VFX Production

VFX: The Mill

Executive Producer: Ian Walker

VFX Creative

Creative Director: Will MacNeil

Art Director: Anthony Fieldsend, Ivo Sousa, Will MacNeil, Ross Urien, Nikita Shestakov

2D Lead Artist: Gary Driver, Jonathan Freeman, Brad Wood, Sole Martin, David Wishart, Adam Maynard

2D Artist: Alfie Vaughan, Giacomo Verri, Peter Atack, Matthew Unwin, Rich Watson, Nhat Quang

3D Artist: Roman Vrbovsky, Ollie Hallas

Matte Painting: Can Y. Sanalan

Design: Ross Urien

Motion Graphics: Anthony Fieldsend, Ivo Sousa, Will MacNeil, Nikita Shestakov, Ewan Davidson


Colour: The Mill

Colourists: Alex Gregory, Thomas Mangham

Sound Design

Agency: Sonic Lens Agency

Composers: Michael Ballou, Asuka Ito, Marco Vitali

Sound Designer: Nicholas O’Toole

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