Kermit the Frog called all his Muppet compatriots together on a Zoom call to tell them the big news: new unscripted series Muppets Now is greenlit on Disney+ and will premiere on Friday, July 31 with additional episodes dropping each week.

Besides the Muppets themselves—including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie the Bear and many more—the show will feature a rotating cast of guest celebrities. Muppets Now joins Disney+‘s library of Muppets content, which includes series, movies and specials. The series is produced by The Muppets Studio and Soapbox Films for Disney+.

​More information is available in Joe the Legal Weasel’s press release below:

Ket art for Disney+'s 'Muppets Now'
Ket art for Disney+‘s ‘Muppets Now’

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