Studio City, Calif.-based The Shop infuses the trailer for Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares with the right amount of tension and drama as Gordon Ramsay once again finds and fixes failing restaurants.

From the looks of it, the nightmares that Ramsay discovers this time around will be more harrowing than ever before, complete with a cameraman retching and Ramsay yelling, “Shut it down!”

Kitchen Nightmares is returning to Fox’s line-up after having run on the network from 2007-14. In 2021, Fox forged a partnership with Ramsay to co–own Ramsay’s Studio Ramsay Global, which produces an array of programs. With the writers’ and actors’ strikes ongoing, all of the broadcast networks are having to tap into their reality-and-repeat stores to make their fall schedules work. Earlier this week, Fox renewed Ramsay’s MasterChef for a 14th season and Hell’s Kitchen is returning on Thursday nights for its 22nd season.

Ramsay stars and serves as an executive producer on Kitchen Nightmares, while David De Angelis serves as executive producer and showrunner.

Kitchen Nightmares returns to Fox on Monday, September 25 at 8 p.m. and it will stream the next day on Hulu.


Client: Fox

Agency: The Shop

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