The sun rises on a hand-carved wooden village in Elastic’s main titles for Netflix’s four-part limited series All the Light We Cannot See, based on the best-selling novel by Anthony Doerr.

Images highlighting key points from the story – like pages of braille, a white-tipped cane or a radio microphone – are peppered throughout the sequence. The wooden village itself is a key plot point. The sequence’s final title image is drawn directly from the best-selling novel’s cover.

All The Light We Cannot See – which stars Aria Mia Loberti, Marc Ruffalo, Hugh Laurie and Louis Hofmann – premiered November 2 on Netflix.


Client: Netflix

Design Studio: Elastic

Creative Director: Duncan Elms

Editor: Jessica Ledeoux

3D Designers: Ethem Cem, Gryun Kim, Hyunsup Ahn, Kennon Fleisher, Ugur Baltepe, Felix Soletic, Renato Marques

3D Animators: Gryun Kim, Hyunsup Ahn, Gabriel Perez

3D Modelers: Jose Limon, Joe Paniagua, Mike Dupree

2D Designers: Sky Bird, Lynn Kim

2D Animators: Cindy SooHoo, Chris Salvador, Steven Do

Color Pipeline TD: Andrew Young

CG Lead: Andy Wilkoff

Sr. Producer: Michael Ross

Production Coordinator: Angela Shin

Head of Production: Paul Makowski

Executive Producer: Kate Berry

Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

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