Over the years, the Top Gear crew​ has traveled all over the globe to drive some of the world’s finest—and some not so fine—cars (and boats and other vehicles) in some of the world’s most exotic places, including India, Uganda, Germany, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, Vietnam, and the list goes on. The above 60-second spot, produced by the UK’s Red Bee Creative, pairs each of those locations, and many more, with fun footage from the series’ long history.

Doubling down on that idea, MotorTrend and Red Bee scored the spot to a remix of Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere,” composed by Discovery’s music group, They finished it off with a liberal dose of Top Gear‘s unique brand of humor.

Now all of those travels and all of those cars (and boats and other vehicles) are available for fans to relive on MotorTrend’s streaming service with the Top Gear Ultimate Collection.

The campaign, which includes the below 15-second spots, launched across linear, off-air, social, digital and paid marketing on August 31 with continuity rolling out on October 2.

Top Gear‘s Ultimate Guide to Beating Traffic

Top Gear‘s Ultimate Guide to Sport

Top Gear‘s Ultimate Guide to Shopping


Client: Discovery-owned MotorTrend

CMO MotorTrend: Scot Safon

VP of Growth Marketing, MotorTrend: Kristene Turner

Director, Acquisition Marketing & Media Strategy, MotorTrend: Nicole Canizales

Megan Neal, VP Social Media, MotorTrend

Sr. Manager, Social Media, MotorTrend: Kruger Kirston

Creative Lead, MotorTrend: Tom von Heijne

Strategy Lead, MotorTrend: Judd Lewis

Project Manager, MotorTrend: Sheena Carter, Rachel Southard

Audio Engineer: Joe Powers

Agency: Red Bee Creative

Executive Creative Director: Charlie Mawer

Head of Client Services: Christopher Godfree

Creative Director: Ruth Shabi

Planner: Phoebe Hainsworth

Production Manager: Nicholas Leer

Producer: Frances Langton

Creative Director, Design: Paul Fennel

Designer: Ralf Maniego

Editor: Gerry Lindfield

Sound Engineer: Lewis Clark

Audio: Cerebral Lounge

Audio Engineer: Harry Evans, Adam Rooner

Tags: cerebral lounge discovery hot spots motortrend red bee media top gear

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