It’s not actually the zombie apocalypse, but don’t tell that to players of The Walking Dead’s new augmented reality mobile game, Our World,

AMC’s Our World, from developers Next Games, immerses players in a battle against the undead by dropping characters and walkers from the show into the real world.

The trailer makes it clear that player can easily fight walkers on the street, in the park, from your sofa and at birthday parties (photo bombing encouraged.) Players can compete in missions alongside friends, rescue survivors, unlock weapons, collect in-world goodies, level up, and get help from the likes of Rick, Michonne and Daryl.

Using AR technology and Google Maps, the location-based game is free for Android and iPhone, and available in 153 countries.

While it may be reminiscent of 2016’s Pokémon Go, AMC’s Clayton Neuman told Variety that wasn’t the goal.

Pokemon is a great game, and it did a lot to innovate in this space,” he said. “But our goal wasn’t to make Pokemon Go with zombies. Augmented reality and location gaming is a great way to bring The Walking Dead into our world. It gives you a chance to experience the apocalypse and live out hypothetically what you would do.”

Our World is also designed so that people in all communities—urban and rural—will have something to do.

“That was a concern we had,” Neuman said. “The fan base is huge and diverse and they aren’t just in urban areas. So no matter where you hare you should have plenty to do, plenty of missions that spawn around you.”

The game launched with five different missions, with plans to add more down the line, along with AR updates and possibly multiplayer modes.

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