Video game development studio Bungie and The Mill released a third spot to showcase the next chapter of Destiny 2, Lightfall, which releases February 28, 2023.

Directed by The Mill’s Ilya Abulkhanov, the short film showcases the atmospheric universe of Destiny 2. In the latest expansion, players travel to destinations unlike any other, cross paths with bone-chilling Tormentors, battle alongside valiant Cloud Striders join the fight against The Witness, and prevent devastation in the technologically advanced secret city of Neomuna.

The Mill’s global team of visual effects specialists across its Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Bangalore studios worked with Bungie to execute the project using hand-keyed animation and motion capture.

“The intent was to depict an action-packed stance in the ‘super-mega-cosmo’ city of Neomuna. We wanted to establish the intricacies of technological architecture both vast and claustrophobic, submerged in noir-like darkness where battles unfold. Our goal was to reveal both the interconnected cast of characters as well as the ability to wield a mysterious source of energy - the ‘ultimate’ weapon against the invading forces. The team did an amazing job by paying attention to detail-world-building, allowing for cinematographic narrative to flow!” said Director Ilya Abulkhanov on Bungie’s website.

The above trailer follows up on Abulkhanov’s two previous Destiny 2 trailers, “The Witch Queen” and “Beyond Light.”

The Witch Queen

Beyond Light

Bungie’s next chapter of Destiny 2, “Lightfall,” launches on February 28, 2023.

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Client: Bungie

Producer: Le Neely

Production, VFX, Design: The Mill

Director: Ilya Abulkhanov

Global Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman

Executive Producer: Moira Mahoney

Producer: Kayli Ennis, Kris Moyes

Associate Producer: Emily Fallon

Associate Production Manager: Gauri Kulkarni

Production Coordinator: Vinamra Bhartia

Production Manager: Oindrila Mitra

Art Directors: Sidney Tan

3D Lead: Nate Shaw

C4D Design: Alex Braddock, Ray Castillo

DFX Supervisor: Kanishk Chouhan

Concept Designers: Ilya Abulkhanov, Sidney Tan, Gary Inloes, Marco Iozzi

Modeling Lead: Blake Sullivan

Modeling & Texturing: Dustin Leon, Greg Mawicke, Pascual Rubio, Jorge Norgaard, Quinn Thompson, Melanie Okamura, Mitchell Jaeger, Lorena Cano Acosta, Gabrielle Harder, Raul Brossy, Vikas Soni (Lead), Kartik Arora (Lead), Praveen Sharma, Aditya Jaiswal, Pratik Bhade, Arnab Bhattacharya, Ragul Sundaramoorthy, Shashanka Sekhar Beshra, Surendhar Stalin, Thiyagarajan, Piyush Sharma

Rigging: Peter Christensen, Alice Panek, Nico Sanghrajka

Lighting Lead Artist: Monique Espinoza

Lighting & Texturing: Dennys Herman, Nitesh Nagda, Ziming Liu, Matt Choy, Elizabeth Hammer, Isabelle Jonsson, Venna Leelanadhareddy

Animation Lead: Matt Connolly

Animation: Navdeep Singh, Katie Yancey, Tommy Taylor, Justin Murphy, Jessica Castillo, Alex Moon, Gustavo Gonzalez, Sebastian Nino, Marco Capparelli, Jacob Bergman

FX Lead: Jason Mortimer

FX Artists: Hiroshi Tsubokawa, Lalida Karnjanasirirat , Daniel Soo, Ken Jones, Matt Roach, Aryan Sachdeva, Sparsh Kumar (Lead), Dhaval, Shashikant Bhanage, Gleaces Juvilian, Kamaljeet Singh, Rohit Kumar

FX Supervisor: Biswajit Tarafder

DMP Lead: Itai Muller

Matte Paintings: Bill Lu, AerynGray Lau, Gary Inloes

2D Lead Artist: Kevin Jones

Comp: Patrick Reilly, Kai Chun Tsai, Dylan Streiff, Justin Keil, Abi Riegel

Colourists: Paul Yacono, Logan Highlen

Executive Producer, Colour: Denise Brown

Editor: Ryan Burbank

Edit Assist: Yiqing Yu

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