Country music icon Trace Adkins hosts INSP’s reality series, Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, which returns to the Western-focused cable network for season three on April 21.

In the series, fourteen men and women leave their homes to compete for the title and $50,000: riding horses, roping cattle and surviving on the rustic Powderhorn Ranch in Converse County, Wyoming.

Each of the contestants has to display “heart, smarts and grit” to make it all the way, and 13 of them will hear the words: “pack your personals and hit the trail” before a winner is finally crowned.


Client: INSP

Motion Designer: Justin Warren

Motion Designer: Tyler Outen

Audio Mixer: Dan Luna

Finishing Editor: Bryce Hoover

Associate Producer: Lauren Great

Motion Design Manager: Demetre Gionis

Director, Social Media: Alison Hill

Creative Director Digital Content & Production: Bill Mazzola

Creative Director Promotion & Advertising: Andrea White

Director Creative Operations: Scott Craven

VP Digital Content and Social Media: Tina Lloyd

VP Creative Design: Zach Chambers

VP Creative Marketing & Promotion: Peter Overland

EVP Marketing: Hayes Tauber

Agency: Glassman Media:

Editor: Jeremy Cole

Writer: Andrew Glassman

Executive Producer: Andrew Glassman

Executive Producer: Aaron Long

Executive Producer: Jessica Otazua

Host: Trace Adkins

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