Four detectives spanning 150 years work through a complex murder mystery in Netflix’s limited series, Bodies, based on the graphic novel by Si Spencer.

For the main titles, London-based Studio AKA took an unexpected route, relying on a muted palette of chocolate brown, warm beige and teal as the sequence’s foundation. It then deconstructs and reassembles the novel’s original logotype into a series of period-specific puzzles. Throughout, Studio AKA director Marcus Armitage delivers a series of visual riddles that reveal themselves throughout.

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Netflix’s limited-series Bodies debuted globally on October 19.



Client: Moonage Pictures

Production: Studio AKA

Director: Marcus Armitage

Executive Producer: Nikki Kefford-White

Producer: Lara Salam

Production Assistant: Sarah McDonald

Editor: Nic Gill

Production Coordinator: Ren Pesci

CG Lead: Will Eagar

Modeling and Rigging: Adam O’Sullivan Avery

Animation: Marcus Armitage, Arthur Ranson, Adam O’Sullivan Avery

Lighting and Compositing: Will Eagar

FX Artist: Rob Chapman

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