Imaginary Forces has expanded its leadership with two new additions to its team: general manager/executive producer Tiffani Manabat and creative director Harshit Desai.

In her new role, Manabat, whose experience spans live-action production and the emergence of episodics, will lead Imaginary Forces’ team of analog, digital, and innovative thinkers. Desai, whose experience includes art direction for Netflix’s Narcos, will use his “strong sense of nostalgia” to bolster the company’s creative leadership, the Los Angeles-based studio says.

Manabat and Desai’s “resourceful and nimble vision” will help Imaginary Forces tackle the evolving needs of its clients, which includes Netflix, HBO and Sony Pictures Studio.

“What I suspected about Imaginary Forces is that it’s greater than the sum of its parts, galvanizing everyone in its orbit,” Manabat said in a statement. “This studio deeply understands our success is contingent on the success of our clients and I am genuinely delighted to be here.”

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