The future of television, advice for career transitions and a handful of creative, character-driven campaigns were some of the topics that stood out on Daily Brief over the course of 2018. As the year comes to a close, we went back to revisit some of those top performing stories that resonated with both us, and our readers.

10. Kids Tell Their Stories in Nickelodeon’s ‘That’s Me’ Campaign

Diversity, inclusion and individuality define the up-and-coming generation—if they do say so themselves—in Nickelodeon’s multimedia, year-long brand campaign showcasing kids’ drive to be honest, authentic individuals.

9. Linear Television Still Has Its Place, Says Amazon’s Mike Benson

With a focus on educating customers on the merits of Amazon Prime, Benson explains the value of remaining relevant on any given platform.

8. Universal Channel Turns Mixed-Media Character Portraits Into IDs

Venezuelan studios Totuma and based in Miami and Madrid, respectively experimented with different types of media and materials to build the larger-than-life installations that were used as IDs for Universal Channel Latin America’s “100% characters” campaign.

7. 12 Steps to Recovery After A Career Transition

Losing your job is something almost everyone dreads and goes through at some point. Heather Jagels, Evan Shapiro and Astra Dorf offer guidance to bouncing back during a turbulent time in the media industry.

6. How Kim Rosenblum Keeps Nick’s Marketing Fresh and Current

The executive shares her insights for creative campaigns that are shaping the future of entertainment marketing.

5. Inside ‘AHS: Apocalypse’’s Suspense-Building Campaign

Here’s how FX’s interactive paid media strategy built up suspense for the new season, dropping creative, interactive posts like breadcrumbs across social media platforms to drive awareness and engagement.

4. Guest Column: Moving From Middle to Executive Management

Taking that leap is harder than you think. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

3. Cartoon Network Celebrates Fandom with Merch

It’s hard to imagine the sheer number of products launched over the past year around Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls, and Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Unless, of course, they’re meticulously laid out and arranged in the shape of the main characters’ faces, as was the case for Cartoon Network Enterprises’ most ambitious trade campaign to date.

2. Caracol Television Introduces Alias J.J. Series with 2 Distinct Campaigns

Colombia’s Caracol Television developed two campaigns: one aimed at the local market and the other at international viewers, for the launch of the series about legendary drug trafficker Pablo Escobar’s right hand man.

1. TV is Changing: Tom Goodwin on Why Networks Shouldn’t Worry

Zenith’s Tom Goodwin describes a future where television is digital and streamlined, as he redefines the meaning of TV.

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