Fresh opening credits, spot-on humor, gorgeous designs and creative editing were just some of the elements that set these promos apart from the rest.

We took a look back at the highest performing Hot Spots of 2018, and pulled them together here with the hopes you’ll find some inspiration for the year ahead.

10. NFL Recreates ‘Dallas’ Opening Credits for Draft

In advance of the NFL Draft in Dallas on April 26, the National Football League, with help from Los Angeles-based Stun Creative, recreated the opening credits to the famed primetime soap named after the city.

9. A&E Refreshes Biography With Unique Animation Style

When it came time to relaunch its beloved Biography brand, A+E Brand Partnerships turned to Los Angeles-based creative Benjamin Goldman to produce a series of vibrant and vital animated spots. The campaign—which briefly tells the captivating stories of Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan and Alexander Hamilton—was inspired by the subjects themselves and developed in a unique style.

8. James Harden Worries About Putting His Beard at Risk in ESPN Spot

In times of extreme stress, NBA MVP and Houston Rockets star James Harden has his most important asset on his mind: “Is my beard going to be ok?” he wonders, just before jumping out of a plane with Tom Cruise as part of a branded integration by Stun for Mission: Impossible Fallout, that aired on ESPN.

7. It’s ‘Shark Week’ not Shaq Week

Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal is excited to have an entire week devoted to him. But he soon realizes what he signed up for when he walks out onto a deck, is suited up in diving gear and put into a shark cage in AV Squad‘s promo for Discovery’s annual programming block. This year marked the 30th anniversary of the event.

6. Imaginary Forces Creates Colorful World for Nat Geo’s ‘Genius’

National Geographic continues its exploration of exceptional minds with the second chapter of anthology series Genius, starring Antonio Banderas as legendary modern artist Pablo Picasso. For this spot, which manages to be both stark and colorful, Imaginary Forces reimagined three of the artist’s most passionate muses as color palettes. Each woman presents as a different range of colors, just as all women possess different ranges of emotions.

5. Every Movie is Made of Millions of Choices

It’s not something you probably think about it when watching a movie: What would a movie scene look like with entirely different actors? Different cars? Different CGI? Different sounds? The question of choice is one that Paramount Channel Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with help from Budapest, Hungary-based Proud Productions, cleverly explores in the above image spot.

4. It’s All About Personality for Universal Channel Latin America

With help from creative agency Totuma and Madrid-based production company 2382, Universal Channel Latin America turns what seems like piles of junk into character portraits for a series of hypnotizing IDs.

3. CNN Remembers When The Kennedys Were ‘Young and Beautiful’

Creative agencies Fogomotion and mOcean gave CNN a production assist in this spot, set to Lana del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” that remembers John, Bobby, Eunice and Jackie when they were in their prime of their lives for original series American Dynasties:

2. A&E Takes Another Look at Jonestown Massacre

A&E looks at the four women who stood behind cult leader Jim Jones as they led the nearly 1,000 members of the Peoples Temple, including 276 children, to take their own lives by drinking a lethal mix of Kool-Aid and cyanide in Jonestown, Guyana, on November 18, 1978

1. Famous Russians ‘Play With All Their Soul’ Ahead of World Cup

Russian network RT featured ballerinas, hockey players, gymnasts, synchronized swimmers, and masters of their skill playing around with a soccer ball in their own unique ways leading up to the FIFA World Cup.

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