Popular Hot Spots in July ranged from wistful scenes, magical stop-motion animation, artistic takes and, of course, comedy.

Check out some of the most-watched videos on Daily Brief last month.

5. Sharp Eyes Will See Clues in ‘Sharp Objects’ Main Titles

The main titles for HBO’s currently airing limited series, Sharp Objects, are a wistful sweep through images relevant to the story being told, including the myriad of sharp objects that appear. Each episode’s main titles are set to Franz Waxman’s “Dance & Angela,” with each episode featuring a different version.

4. Viewpoint Creative’s Main Titles for ABC’s ‘The Last Defense’

In these main titles for ABC’s seven-episode docuseries, The Last Defense, Viewpoint Creative traces the path of a death-row inmate using stylized monochromatic imagery run through with a single red highlight. The docuseries comes from Oscar-winner Viola Davis and husband Julius Tennon.

3. Sean Hayes Stars in Trio of ‘History of Comedy’ Spots

Sean Hayes—perhaps best known as Jack on NBC’s Will & Grace and whose production company Hazy Mills is an executive producer of CNN’s History of Comedy —takes advantage of his famed physical comedy skills in this spot as he tries to convince CNN security to let him through even though he has no ID on him.

2. NBC Crafts Animated Promo for New Reality Series ‘Making It’

Mosomos Industries created with this magical stop-motion animated video introducing viewers to the new summer crafting competition show from Parks and Rec c-stars Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

1. James Harden Worries About Putting His Beard at Risk in ESPN Spot

In times of extreme stress, the NBA MVP and Houston Rockets star has his most important asset on his mind: “Is my beard going to be ok?” he wonders, just before Tom Cruise orders him to jump out of a plane as part of Stun’s branded integration for Mission: Impossible Fallout.

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