1. A&E Refreshes Biography With Unique Animation Style

When it came time to relaunch its beloved Biography brand, A+E Brand Partnerships turned to Los Angeles-based creative Benjamin Goldman to produce a series of vibrant and vital animated spots.

2. AV Squad Preps ‘The Last Defense’ for ABC

ABC teamed up with Los Angeles-based creative agency AV Squad to start the campaign for six-part true-crime docuseries The Last Defense, that tells the story of two death-row inmates.

3. HBO Turns In-House for ‘Westworld’ Episodic Spots

For episode five of season two of Westworld, HBO writer and producer Chanel Vann cut this spot in-house, successfully telling enough of the story within the larger, endlessly mysterious story to keep fans glued to their screens, and giving fans a long look at the new park set in Japan: Shogun World.

4. History Tracks Six Degrees of Separation in Brand Spot

In this clever brand spot, History takes viewers through six degrees of history, connecting them from Henry VIII to Henry Ford in just six moves. ​

5. FX Goes Ultra Bold for ‘Pose’

Print is not dead, and Los Angeles-based Spittn Image proves it with this campaign for FX’s Pose, that’s as dramatic and colorful as the LGBTQ community in 1980s lower Manhattan that it showcases.

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