From seduction at its finest in Starz’ Girlfriend Experience, to candy apples at their stickiest in Food Network’s Halloween Wars, here are the most watched Hot Spots of September.

1. Starz’ ‘Girlfriend Experience’ Seduces in Season 2

New season of the sexy Steven Soderbergh series will focus on two parallel stories of a high-powered Republican operative and a high-end escort who enters the witness protection program to escape an abusive relationship.

2. MTV Has A Lot Going on This Fall

From the final season of Teen Wolf to the return of TRL and Unplugged to all-new episodes of lots of favorite shows, with help from mOcean, MTV manages to cram them into this very fast-paced 45-second spot.

3. ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Is Creepy Wherever It Airs

Proving that creepy yet compelling translates to all territories, Fox Networks Group’s spot for the Ryan Murphy frightfest aired in all FNG territories with the exception of the U.S. and Canada.

4. Hulu’s Funny ‘Future Man’ Spot is Definitely Not Safe for Work

Using real functioning laser guns may not be the answer to standing out among the more than 2,000 shows on air, as Seth Rogen and Josh Hutcherson discover in this spot.

5. Halloween Monsters Learn Cooking Tips From Food Network’s Experts

It’s not easy being a monster, just ask The Headless Horseman and a nameless mummy, who find it difficult to create the Halloween treats they crave. They could use help from Food Network’s team of experts, as they compete in season seven of Halloween Warsfor a $50,000 prize.


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