5. Tribune’s WPIX Fashions Love Letter to New York City

Tribune’s WPIX New York creates “New York’s Very Own,” a love letter to the city in this beautifully shot station image spot complete with its own unique theme song.

4. 2C Takes Cinematic Approach for Season 6 of ‘Bar Rescue’

Bar Rescue Host Jon Taffer didn’t always make his living by giving bar owners the cold, hard truth on what they must to do if they want to stay in business. He once was a musician—a drummer, to be exact—and then a young bar owner himself. Taffer, who will star this fall in Jay McGraw’s new syndicated show, Face the Truth, tells his story in this cinematic spot by Miami-based 2C Creative.

3. Yu+Co Makes You Wanna Watch HBO’s Spring Season

Set to a catchy tune, yU+co crafts a spring image promo for HBO as the network prepares to debut both new, returning and limited series.

2. History Anoints Its All-Star Team

For this :45 brand spot for the History Channel, Roger designed and cel animated from scratch an entire universe of History’s favorite stars.

1. In Honor Of Its 90th Anniversary, Oscar Thanks Audiences

To celebrate 90 years of Oscar, the Academy reached out to AV Squad to craft five clips-based packages that honor the best in film over nearly the past century.

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