Travel through Jonas & Co.‘s pretty-as-a-picture version of America’s heartland in the above spot for Dish Network’s latest watch event, which features movie marathons, free viewing, a new pastoral “Dishscape” to enjoy on channel 199, a chance to win the Great American Country Road Trip sweepstakes and more.


Client: Dish

Agency/Production Company: Jonas & Co.

Producer, Jonas & Co: Hema Mulchandani

Creative Director, Jonas & Co: Jonas Morganstein

Writer, Jonas & Co: Greg Neal

Vice President, Customer Marketing and Retention, Dish: Kevin Covell

Director, Existing Customer Communications, Dish: Kara Stegman

Senior Marketing Lead, Customer Retention, Dish: Dustin Evans

Retention Marketing/Programmer Partnerships, Dish: Mitch Kahl

Video Creative Marketing Lead, Customer Retention: David Levine

Tags: heartland hot spots jonas & co.

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