Ahead of the 2020 Election, CBS turned to Los Angeles-based creative agency Troika to refresh CBS News’ brand with a focus on election graphics, including Super Tuesday, the Democratic and Republican conventions in August, and the presidential and vice presidential debates in October.

Last week, CBS unveiled its overall brand refresh. CBS News, which is looking to appeal to younger viewers, is part of that.

For CBS News, Troika worked to create a motion-graphics environment that feels like it surrounds the viewer in a standard election palette of red, white and blue. The package incorporates a lot of movement, making it feel like the viewer is strolling through a maze of corridors until arriving at the main event, whether that’s a debate or a political convention.

Troika’s concept was to create a virtual space that feels like a modern gallery, with different rooms and corridors to travel. The team added a cinematic quality to the package by allowing the camera to roam and find different displays, with information framed on walls, projected on three-dimensional objects or just remaining as freestanding panels. More virtual panels, rooms and corridors can be added, making the package additionally flexible.

CBS’ overall rebrand will continue to be unveiled throughout 2020 and into 2021, CBS Corp. CMO Mike Benson said Thursday.

Below are the motion graphics packages Troika helped CBS News create for both political conventions over the summer:

​CBS News, Democratic National Convention

CBS News, Republican National Convention


Client: CBS News

Agency: Troika

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