The lights come up on the NBA’s Toronto Raptors in the above :30 by Bell Media’s sports network, TSN.

After a year of playing in the NBA-approved “bubble,” the team is back playing in the Scotiabank Arena in front of fans. The spot opens with shots of an empty arena, the echoes of excited fans heard in the distance. It moves into collages of mixed media, emphasizing both players and fans enjoying the game of basketball. By the end, the arena is full of enthusiastic fans, ready to cheer on their team.


VP, Brand, Marketing & Publicity: Jon Arklay

Director, Brand & Production: Linda Masci Linton

Creative Director: Yaron Blanc

Creative Director, Design: Stephen Gilmore and Isaac Cheung

Associate Creative Director Design: Luis Torres

Sr. Marketing Manager: Chris Taylor

Sr. Writer/Producer/Editor: Chris Wong

Sr. Editor: Lou Pianezza

DOP: Martin Wojtunik and Luke Saagi

VFX: Hardave Grewal and Dan McCarthy

Post Sound: Sean Dunnam

Unit Manager: Antonella La Farcioli

Tags: bell media hot spots nba toronto raptors tsn

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