The North Hollywood, Calif.-based Television Academy has officially shifted voting for the Primetime Emmys back one to three weeks and has condensed voting periods.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Academy also has suspended all For Your Consideration campaigning, whether in person or live or recorded via streaming platform for this season. That doesn’t prevent companies from setting up their own streaming sites to showcase their wares (or even giant FYC sites like Netflix has done the past few years if shelter-at-home rules lift); these events just won’t be officially sanctioned by the TV Academy.

At this point, the Academy still expects to hold the Primetime Emmys in Los Angeles and air the ceremony live on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 20. It also expects to hold the accompanying Creative Arts Awards, which are not broadcast, on the prior weekend, Sept. 12 and 13.

In addition, shows will have an extra month to air so-called hanging episodes. All series must premiere by the end of the year’s eligibility date on May 31, 2020. For drama and comedy series, any episodes that air after that premiere date until June 30 can be considered eligible for Emmy consideration. A series must air at least six episodes within that time period to be eligible.

For limited series, all episodes must air by June 30 to be eligible for 2019-20 Emmy consideration.

Some limited series—such as season four of FX’s anthology series, Fargo, and HBO’s upcoming The Undoing starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant—already are expected to be pushed into the 2020-21 eligibility period because of production delays.

The new Emmy calendar is as follows:

June 5: Entry deadline

July 2: Nominations-round voting begins

July 13: Nominations-round voting ends

July 28: Nominations announced

Aug. 21: Final-round voting begins

Aug. 31: Final-round voting ends

Sept. 12-13: Creative Arts Emmys

Sept. 20: Primetime Emmys

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