When the sun goes down, Christine Lampard and Matt Richardson morph into ghostly Victorian characters on digital billboards in the U.K. as part of UKTV’s marketing campaign for new reality show Celebrity Haunted Mansion.

To build anticipation for the show’s five-day run, which starts February 21 at 9 p.m. on UKTV’s entertainment channel W, the “After Dark” outdoor campaign launched at Westfield Shopping Centers in Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush on Saturday, February 17.

The display included both day and night activations, which switched over at 5:17 p.m.—the exact moment the sun set.

As dusk settled in, Lampard and Richardson transformed from creepy and unsettling, to full-fledged spooky as they were “sucked back in time and possessed by Victorian ghost versions of themselves,” according to a press release from UKTV. Lampard became a black-eyed spirit in an image based on a real Victorian portrait. The billboards, complete with scary sounds, drove shoppers to share their experience on social media.

Zoe Clapp, chief marketing and communications officer at UKTV, said the network wanted to create a “thrill-filled campaign” for the series.

“Our transforming billboard reproduced the shock factor at the heart of Celebrity Haunted Mansion in a way that’s scary and entertaining—just like the show,” she said in a statement.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion features two paranormal experts leading a team of 10 celebrities into a deserted gothic mansion where they will face a variety of supernatural challenges. Each night, the celebrities, which include Katie Price, Jorgie Porter and Simon Gregson, will have their tolerance for the supernatural pushed to the limit, before the show ends with a live ghost hunt.

In addition to the billboards, UKTV is promoting the show’s launch with the tagline “10 celebrities will enter. Only one will survive.”

The first episode will be simulcast on Really, UKTV’s free-to-air channel, and Richardson will host the spin-off show High Spirits at 7 p.m., giving viewers a chance to catch up from the night before.

The network is also targeting 150 digital public screens, such as Waterloo Motion, Liverpool Media Wall and Birmingham Media Eyes, to showcase the famous faces in the mansion, which will be whittled down as two stars are voted off the show each night.

All visuals for the campaign were created in-house by UKTV Creative.


“After Dark” campaign

Creative Director: Scott Russell

Design Director: Peter Allinson

Design Producer: Sophie Yeoman

Motion Design: Harry Mitchell and Callum Parish

Key Art Design: Veer Assi and Peter Allinson

Marketing Manager for Really, W: Sarah Yeoman

Brand Manager for Really, W: Bobbie Standen


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