UniMás’ new tagline, “Live the difference” resonates as a battle cry for inclusion and diversity. From Latin America to the United States, UniMás aims to integrate everyone, celebrating that there is a place where different opinions, traditions and innovation can coexist across genres.

The young channel, owned by Univision Communications Inc., underwent a process to better define its identity, reaffirming its inclusive and innovative qualities through a fun campaign that positions UniMás as an attribute to its parent company.

“Because we are different, we complement each other and combining our differences results in a fun explosion of emotions,” says Carlos Collazo VP, creative director, The Univision Agency, UniMás. “After a process of introspection and audience research, UniMás managed to define a clearly outstanding brand identity. In terms of content, it represents a place where viewers can find programming stands apart from content on other Hispanic channels and that complements the programming available through the Univision network. Also, it’s seen as a place open to innovation, with trend-setting formats.”

Celebrating Diversity

All the pieces demonstrate the enthusiasm and joy of what it’s like to be a part of UniMás, such as the campaign’s main spot, “Anthem,” a music video inspired by different Latin and North American pop sounds.

“It delivers a message of inclusion, variety and diversity coexisting in harmony among different cultures,” says Collazo.

The spot uses a split screen and transition, which is one of the unique features of the campaign. The diagonal symbol, a staple of UniMás’ graphic system, is used to highlight moments where extremes meet by showing, for example, a traditional Aztec dancer next to a boy performing similar moves to the rhythm of hip hop.

The next phase in the campaign features the piece “Diversity Promo,” focused on the channel’s programming.

“This promo shows the array of characters, genres, places of origin and cultures within the schedule. Also it showcases the universe in which viewers are immersed,” says Collazo.

The additional spots use humor to exemplify how opposites always have a place to meet at UniMás, highlighting funny relationships between Dawn of The Planet of the Apes and Rio or between The Transporter and La Tierra Prometida (Promised Land).

Another feature of the campaign is the extension of the word “más” (more).

“We revived its presence and introduced it in the promos to unify the brand and help reinforce the message of diversity and inclusion,” says Collazo.

Likewise, there has been a change in the channel’s tone.

“We want each promo to be a part of a story, and the navigation feels like a real experience. The new communication tone is fresh, more informal and conversational. Our official voice addresses the audience in a more colloquial and friendly way, using complicit winks,” says Collazo.

New Vertical Programming and Colors

The new branding goes hand-in-hand with themed scheduling in certain prime time slots, something UniMás considers an innovation among Hispanic channels.

For example, Mondays are dedicated to action, with series such as Los mosqueteros; Tuesdays are for millennial-focused content from the Fusion channel, such as Drug Wars; Wednesdays center on the “retro” genre with classics such as El Chavo del 8; Thursdays focus on dramas, such as El Príncipe; and Fridays on comedies, namely Nosotros los guapos.

These new themed offerings kick off the expansion of UniMás’ color palette. Maintaining the primary palette of red, white, and grey, new color combinations have been incorporated to relate to the day’s programming. For example, red is used for action, the millennial content has a purple hue, blue is used for classics, drama leans towards dark gray and comedy is represented by a combination of purple and red.

“This helps create a more dynamic look and encourages viewers to navigate through the programming in a more user-friendly way, relating colors to the different emotions,” says Collazo.

Other new features of the branding include incorporating physical reality-show competitions, such as Reto 4 Elementos, during prime time, as well as alternative dramas, such as Dogma, and the introduction of historical dramas, such as La Tierra Prometida (Promised Land).

A Promise Fulfilled

UniMás has summarized the evolution of its brand in six words: trendy, bold, urban, fun, daring and inclusive.

“These are the six adjectives that lead the creative group’s tone and style. And this is seen in the spots: the music is urban, the editing has a singular rhythm; we go all in on having a great time and celebrating that feature which sets us apart and allows us to attract new things,” says Collazo. “A brand is a fulfilled promise, and the promise of ‘Live the difference’ is a goal we achieve every day.”

Version español: El nuevo branding de UniMás invita a la audiencia a ‘Vivir la Diferencia’


Director, Creative Services: Rolando Felizola

Manager, Creative Services: Andres Baez

Sr. Producer and Copywriter: Adriana Lodolo

Editor: Luis Arroyave

Post Production Manager: Hernan Torres

Art Director: Barbara Sablon

Sr. Designer: Alfredo Vega

Animators Designers: Susan Guzman, Adalberto Avila

Music and Songwriter: César Garcia

Music Director and Sound Design: Carlos Marmo

Music Composer: Agustin Barreto

Sound Designers: Joel Latimer, Christopher Nordelo, Elvira Pena,

VP, Creative Director, Creative Services UCI Agency: Carlos Collazo

Senior Vice President, Creative Services UCI Agency: Joni Fernandez


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