What’s more precise and premium than a German-made automobile?

Very little, ​and that’s why Munich-based UnitedSenses decided to go all the way—and pay special attention to the sound editing—in comparing Germany’s football league, Bundesliga, to another highly respected German product with this “Football as it’s Meant to Be” campaign.

Hear more from UnitedSenses Creative Director Markus Schmidt at Promax Europe 2019 in Amsterdam March 25-26.


Client: Deutsche Fußball Liga

Product: Bundesliga

Head of Creative: Thomas Markert

Head of Production: Michael Jaksch

Agency: UnitedSenses

Creative Director: Markus Schmidt

Editor: Jens Barzen

Audio: Migo Fecke

Project Manager: Nadja Ganzinger

Tags: bundesliga hot spots united senses

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