USA and Syfy are encouraging viewers to get ready for “Purge Night” with everything they could possibly want for a night of murder and mayhem available on the Purge Shopping Channel.

In the networks’ upcoming horror series, The Purge, citizens are set free once a year to rampage under a totalitarian regime that believes the rules of civilization should occasionally be disbanded in the interest of keeping people’s darker urges in check. The series is based on Blumhouse Production’s hit horror film franchise, the fourth iteration of which, The First Purge, just came out July 4.

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Items that aren’t really available to buy on the Purge Shopping Channel include “Purge Away” detergent, for ridding clothes of stubborn blood stains after a night of marauding, body armor for people and pets, t-shirts, energy drinks and other merch. But there are e-cards that fans can share, offering such affectionate sentiments as “Let’s hunker down together this Purge Night.”

The activation continues what USA and Syfy started at San Diego Comic-Con with Purge City — a play on Party City — where salespeople helpfully handed out brochures of discounts and fans could browse aisles including products such as masks and candles.

The two networks worked with experiential agency Campfire on both Purge City and the Purge Shopping Channel, while Blumhouse Productions helped write the script for the Purge Shopping Channel segments are airing on both networks.

Blumhouse also helped promote the upcoming series by including a post-credits scene in The First Purge, directing viewers towards the new show.

The ten-episode series premieres Tuesday, Sept. 4, on USA and Syfy at 10/9 c.

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