Viceland plans to own the green space with a unique programming campaign titled “Weed Week,” which is the network’s answer to “Shark Week” in an attempt to elevate brand awareness.

During Weed Week, from April 17 to April 20, Viceland will air special programming around weed as well as interstitial pieces that seek to immerse viewers into the world of cannabis.

Here are a few of the spots announcing the week, including the “Highest Billboard” spot in above:

Hard Daze Work:

A Spaced Odyssey:

The Good, The Bad, The Nuggly:


Trees Company:

Best Buds:

VP Marketing: Meghan Kirsch

Creative Director: Nacho Gil

ACD: Nate Coonrod / Jim D’Amico

Supervising Producer: Hannah Gregg

Supervising Editor: Jim D’Amico

Associate Producers: Hali Gardella, Willem Holzer

Copywriters: Spencer Madsen, Gabe Koplowitz

Editors: Rob Fraebel, Jake Rasmussen

DP: Andrew Maso, Arlene Muller

Director of Production: Zeynep Zileli

Post supervisor: Leanne Cherundolo

Post manager: Eric Psihoules


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