In advance of the release of Warner Bros.’ ‘80s-stuffed movie, Ready Player One, Warner Bros. Television took its own trip back to the decade, recreating the opening credits of some of its favorite vintage shows in 8-bit video, complete with super-synthesized soundtrack.

Friends, which actually premiered on NBC in 1994, is above, while Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Two and a Half Men are below.

Each spot helpfully provides the lyrics to its opening songs, so you can sing along while you watch.

​Full House

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Two and a Half Men


President, CMO, Warner Bros. Television Group: Lisa Gregorian

SVP, Worldwide Communications and Domestic Marketing: Scott Rowe

Manager, Social Media Marketing (Project Lead for WBTV): Tim Seiwert

Animation: Ryan Hooley

Music: Todd Bryanton


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