Just days after WarnerMedia announced details for its May 2020 launch of HBO Max, the company also released a rebrand of its overall logo, created for it by global branding agency Wolff Olins.

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“One of the big design challenges of this project was to create a system that could bring so many distinct, well loved brands together in a way that felt seamless and new,” said Alec Donovan, design director, Wolff Olins. “We needed to showcase all of them to tell a larger story about their collective impact without upstaging them. This is why the core strategies and narratives were so important. They really helped inform and inspire so much of the final visual language of this new brand.”

After Warner Bros. was acquired by AT&T in June 2018, WarnerMedia became the umbrella brand for such iconic marks as HBO, CNN, TNT and Warner Bros. Still, the corporate leadership felt WarnerMedia needed its own look and feel as well as a concise strategy and compelling mission that unified employees and stakeholders alike.

The new logo (below) is a simple combination of the capital W from Warner and the capital M from Media. Merged together, it becomes a kinetic representation of the overall brand in warm and luxurious gold accented by straightforward black and white. The logo’s movement is intended to remind viewers of a movie clapboard as a throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood, but also move them forward to today’s technological time.

Wolff Olins also delivered a new tagline for the new entity—“Shape Culture Here”—intended to encourage employees to catalyze change and media properties to impact culture.

The below image demonstrates how the new logo adapts to different platforms to become a complete branding system.

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