Lifetime and Febreze partnered for a powerful spot that highlights the challenges, and rewards, of being a mom.

It’s a “24/7 job” that requires “200 percent.” But the response from a son when asked about the one thing he would like to tell his mom makes it all worth it.


Agency: Small Giant

Client: Lifetime / 45th & Dean

Senior Creative Director: Tom Kaniewski (@ 45 & Dean)

Directors: Julia Price Baron & Nick Morrison

Executive Producer: Nick Morrison

Producer: Andrew Rupinski

DP: Ted Rex King

Gaffer & Operator: Seth Coleman

AC: Jordan Stone

Sound: Brian Flood

Media Manager: Sam Warga

Production Assistant: Channa Goodwin

Intern: Sara Reiken

Editor: Michael Kardis (@ Goodbeard)

Story Producer: Desiree Holm

Mix: Joanna Katcher (@ Nice Manners)

Color: Jake Blackstone


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