“Steven Soderbergh has been particularly inventive,” says Sharon Stone, who plays murder victim Olivia Lake in HBO’s branching narrative series described as a “new storytelling experience.” “Mosaic is very keen with the way that we are functioning in a new technological age,” Stone adds.

HBO dropped the second trailer and an interview with cast and crew members who talk about the murder mystery experience that lets viewers determine how they experience the events that unfold. Mosaic focuses on a case previously thought solved that gets reexamined from different perspectives, depending on the character viewers decide to follow.

While a linear version will air on HBO in January 2018 as a six-part limited series, the real experience is built into the free Mosaic app, available now, where viewers can choose what point-of-view from which to follow the story and, in effect, build their own experience from the material that Soderbergh and writer Ed Solomon created.

The choices viewers make build upon one another, enabling multiple tellings of the story from different perspectives and, sometimes, with different conclusions.

“Hopefully, if we do our job correctly, no matter which way you go it’s compelling,” says Solomon.

Actors were only given the storylines for their own characters, but were made aware of how the sequences would fit together.

“It sounded so complicated at first,” says Devin Ratray, who plays Nate. “You walk into the productions meetings and see this board of just this spiderweb. As soon as you see a layout of it, you get it, you understand it.”

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How HBO, Netflix Are Changing TV with Branching Narratives


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