Who better to figure out the tricky twists and turns that were in store for viewers in the biggest movie in history—Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame—than puppies?

Well, probably almost anyone, but these little guys sure look cute in their costumes! And they can sniff butts like nobody’s business!

Syfy Wire created the campaign in partnership with Small Giant and cast rescue puppies from Hearts & Bones Animal Rescue to play the likes of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and more.

The above eight-minute spot plays as a piece of short-form digital content, which was edited down into a two-minute version as well as 30-second on-air promos, social spots, Instagram Stories and more.


Client: Syfy Wire/NBCUniversal

Director: Jon Erwin

Writer/Producer: Ronni Leverich

Host: Jackie Jennings

Director, Digital Content: Max Tedaldi

Sr. Director, Marketing Production: Bill Ikin

Executive Producer, Shoot Production: Kyra James

Post-Production Manager: Christie Garcia

Production and Project Manager: Jessica Berent

Production Coordinator: Lauren Nicholas

Agency: Small Giant


Executive Producer: Nick Morrison

DP: Solomon Schechman

Gaffer: Jordan Bell

Production Manager: Sam Warga

B-Cam Operator: Katie Neff

C-Cam: Alex Deleon

Media Manager: Edgar Mendez

Art Director: Mikey Wydra


Creative Director: Nick Morrison

Editor: Bronwyn Woodhead, Matt Rabinowitz, Joe Zito

Colorist: Jake Blackstone

Sound Mix: Jared Horowitz

2D Motion GFX: Sharon David

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