Scripps-owned WPIX New York reworked its venerable “New York’s Very Own” campaign to salute New York’s first responders, healthcare workers, public transport workers and others in the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the nation’s largest market, New York City.

To produce the spot, WPIX had vocalists Alistair McDonald and Emma Converse record the song with new lyrics at their homes, and then sent the music to Warner Chappell Production Music in Nashville to finish the production. It also dropped in new footage of first responders and doctors and nurses, as well as WPIX’s anchors paying tribute to these local heroes.

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VP, Creative Services & Marketing: David Hyman

Manager, On-Air Promotions (Writer/Producer/Editor): Dave McDonald

Vocals: Emma Converse, Alistair McDonald

Music: Warner-Chappell Production Music

Music Production: Aaron Gant, Mark Agent

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