For its 2020-21 campaign for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, YES Network tied together its own tagline, “Brooklyn Together,” with Brooklyn’s official borough motto, “in strength there is unity,” to create the above spot in partnership with New York City-based Versus.

The spot unites footage, photos and design into a double-exposed world that’s intended to visually communicate the connection between players and their hometown squad, the Brooklyn Nets, and Brooklyn itself.

The spot also takes on social injustice, including imagery from the Black Lives Matter movement, for which Brooklyn was a hot spot of protests over the past year.


Client: YES Network

Director, On-Air Promos, YES Network: Daniel Guernsey

Marketing Manager: Jessica Musmanno

Writer: Mitch Scherr

Narrator: Michael Grady

Agency: Versus NYC

Tags: hot spots versus yes networks

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