As the 2023-24 NBA season gets underway, YES Network is excited to air Brooklyn Nets basketball all season long.

The above spot edits together footage gathered from around New York City, in Brooklyn and within Barclay’s Center as the Nets play. New York City-based Mr Wonderful contributes bold graphic overlays with post-production by parent agency Northern Lights. It’s all set to “I’m Good” by Griz.


Client: YES Network

YES Creative Team: Bill Bergofin, Daniel Guernsey, Todd Moulen, Anthony Khelil, Seth Weintraub, Alex Torre, Brett Segelman, Rick Deutschman

Directors of Photography: Mark Doyle, Vin Paolella

Post-Production: Northern Lights

Graphics: Mr Wonderful

Audio: SuperExploder

Music: “I’m Good” by Griz

Tags: hot spots mr wonderful northern lights yes network

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