This Women’s History Month, YouTube and Global Fund for Women are launching a powerful docuseries that spotlights female activists from around the world.

Fundamental: Gender Justice. No Exceptions is a character-driven series featuring remarkable leaders, grassroots activists and community organizers who are disrupting the status quo to alter the course of history for women and girls. That includes ending child marriage in Pakistan, pursuing LGBT+ liberation in Georgia, seeking racial justice in the United States and more.

YouTube and Global Fund for Women partnered with female-focused media and entertainment group Refinery29, whose YouTube channel serves as one of two viewing platforms. It’s also available at the streamer’s education-focused brand, YouTube Learning, which includes Could You Survive the Movies?, hosted by Vsauce3’s Jake Roper, and The Age of A.I. with Robert Downey Jr.

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The first episode of Fundamental, which tackles child marriage in Pakistan, is available below:

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