The world’s two biggest titans—Godzilla and Kong—face off in Legendary Pictures’ blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong.

Yu + Co sets the stage with its main title sequence that mentions the “hollow earth theory,” explores Kong’s ancestral home on Skull Island and establishes the ancient rivalry between the two monsters. The sequence is framed as a collection of scientific research that ranges from antiquated hand-written documents all the way up to the cutting-edge interface of a modern-day scientific database.

It also sets the stage for the battle to come by setting up both Godzilla and Kong as victors in their respective brackets against other monsters throughout the ages.


Client: WarnerMedia/Legendary Pictures

Agency: yU + Co

Creative Director: Garson Yu

Executive Producer: Ryan “Reno” Robertson

Art Director/Animator: James Robertson

Art Director/Editor: Sam Schlenker

Art Director/Designer: Edwin Baker

Lead 2D / 3D Designer/Animator: Cullen Parr

Lead 3D Designer / Animator - Jeffrey Dietrich

TD / Lead Compositor: Gregory Jones

Designers: Grace Kang, Lydia Kim, Brown Yoon

Graphic Designer: Mulan Leong-Suzuki

Illustrator: Dasha Bough

Writer / Researcher: Rick Spitznass

2D / 3D Designer / Animator: Christopher Lopez

2D Designer / Animator: Yuee Seo

3D Designer: Jake Wang

3D Artist: Julius Lee

IT Engineer: Andrew Burnett

IO Manager: Latoria Ortiz Ortiz

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