Cape Cod seems like the ultimate summer destination, with its soft-sand beaches, ice-cream shops and kitschy storefronts. But when the sun goes down, the tourist destination hides secrets just like anywhere else.

In this main-title sequence for Starz’ new murder mystery, Hightown, yU + co contrasted Cape Cod’s sunny veneer with its darker underbelly and set it to the Textones’ punk version of the GoGos’ “Vacation.” Yu + Co gave the footage a tinny, vintage feel to capture that summer-vacation vibe, and then added strobe-lighting effects to heighten the underlying anxiety.

Hightown premiered on Starz on Sunday, May 17.


Client: Starz

Agency: yU + co

Creative Director: Garson Yu

SVP/Executive Producer: Carol Wong

Executive Producer: Ryan “Reno” Robertson

Live Action Producer: Nick DeSantis

Editor: Sam Schlenker

Technical Director/Lead Compositor: Gregory Jones

Animator/Compositor: Yuee Seo

Researcher: Rick Spitznass

Art Director: Ed Baker

Designer: Grace Kang, Lydia Kim

Matte Painter: Reuben Corona

Song: “Vacation,” cover by Textones

Tags: hightown hot spots main titles starz yu+co

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