For season two of MGM Plus’ Billy the Kid, Yu+Co dove into the Lincoln County War, marking a tumultuous chapter in Billy’s life in which he becomes entangled in a violent feud between rival business factions in New Mexico.

To transport viewers to the era, Yu+Co emulated the tintype photography of the day, and then gave the sequence a weathered aesthetic. The main titles blend live footage, 3D and 2D animation, and use typography inspired by letterpress printing from “Wanted” posters.

Season two of Billy the Kid premiered on October 15 and is available to stream on Prime Video and MGM Plus.


Client: MGM Plus

Agency: Yu+Co

Creative Director: Garson Yu

SVP/Executive Producer: Carol Wong

Executive Producer: Ryan “Reno” Robertson

Art Director: James Robertson, Grace Kang, Edwin Baker

Senior Designer: Mulan Leong-Suzuki

Writer/Researcher: Rick Spitznass

Illustrator/Designer: Lydia Kim

Editor: Dan Tegnelia

Technical Director/Supervising Compositor: Gregory Jones

3D Animator/Compositor: Cullen Parr, Damian Stricker, Jeffrey Dietrich, Jim Roberson

3D Modeler: Yuqun Huang

Character Animator: Quinton Woodson

I/O/Asset Manager: Latoria Ortiz

Production Coordinator: Piper Shaw

Production Intern: Ashtin Wang

Tags: billy the kid hot spots main titles mgm plus yu+co

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