Peacock’s new comedy, Rutherford Falls, from executive producer and star Ed Helms, is set in a quaint New England town that celebrates its colonial roots while also being home to the indigenous Minishonka people.

To introduce the audience to this charming town, Hollywood-based yU+co created an animated tour in the style of classic American folk art. The sequence changes subtly with Easter eggs added each episode, accumulating as the season goes on.

Rutherford Falls, which also is created in partnership with Parks and Rec‘s Michael Schur, premiered on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock on April 22.


Client: Peacock

Agency: yu+Co

Creative Director: Garson Yu

Producer: Sarah Coatts

Art Director/Designer: Ed Baker

Designer/Lead Illustrator: Lydia Kim

Designer/Illustrator: Mulan Leong-Suzuki

Technical Director/Compositor: Gregory Jones

Animator: Robert Calcagno

Designer: Grace Kang, Stella Zhang

Editor: Sam Schlenker

Animator: Julius Lee, Brown Yoon

3D Artist: Cullen Parr

Researcher: Rick Spitz

IO Manager/Assistant Editor: Latoria Ortiz

Tags: ed helms hot spots michael schur nbcuniversal peacock rutherford falls yu+co

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