​With trailers for such companies as Disney Plus, Netflix, Warner Bros. and Nike under his belt, Yuhei Ogawa has joined bicoastal entertainment marketing agency Northern Lights as creative director and editor.

Ogawa comes to Northern Lights from Los Angeles-based Trailer Park, where he led campaigns for Disney Plus’ series Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; edited trailers for Netflix’s The Liberator and Iron Fist; and produced TV spots for Deadpool, Dunkirk and Suicide Squad. He also worked on marketing campaigns for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Panther and Baby Driver. His commercial assignments have included work for Nike, Dewar’s, Bose, EA Sports and Adidas.

A former professional dancer, Ogawa’s experience with choreography and coordination grants him a special relationship with music and sound. His experience as a stage performer showed him how the marriage of imagery and audio plays a crucial role in creating strong emotional connections with audiences.

“Yuhei’s style is the perfect blend of art and commerce, where everything he cuts feels so big but also has so many nuanced artistic touches that elevates his work to the next level,” said Northern Lights Executive Creative Director Joe Nichols in a statement.

At Northern Lights, Yuhei is currently working on series launch campaigns for Amazon Prime Video, Fox and ABC.

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